Welcome to my playground.  

Here are some of my young  daughter’s “You know what…? or ” I was thinking about…” “Do you know that…?”

As I am fascinated by the creative ways a child’s mind thinks and explores, I can barely catch up on all the cool things she says and does.  I find her creativity and imagination very inspiring. As a working mom, I spend little but precious time with my child and I felt the need to document and share some of her genuine ideas and interests.  I think of most of them as a temporary art and I want to continue its life by reflecting on it here and possibly saving the coolness of the moment…and the carnival, which I enormously enjoy.  

I am trying to dissect the curiosity of a growing mind and to show the natural flow of creative energy coming from each interaction with a material, story, idea or just an object.  Imagination is a key to many doors in life, just let a child fly on it and enjoy the journey. 

Hope you would  find a tiny bean of inspiration here too.




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