Just Pretend…

The Carnaval – a way to understand the reality or just a self confirming storytelling. In any case it is a need that makes so much sense in the life of a 4 or 5 -year old.  All feels different when you posess special powers or you look like the one in charge – you don’t have to listen to all those “how” and “what” to dos.  “Mommy, you always tell me what to do” – she says sometimes and I answer back with the cliche answer, but deep inside I know that she is right and I’m just insecure and she is a growing rebel. 


2013- Staying home sick, my little girl pretended couple of her little friends were sick. She was checking their temperature, making sure they are conformable under the blanket and most of all having them drink lots of Vitamin C, directly from the source.

home sick

home sick

This scarf fiesta below happened when she was about 1.5 year- old.
She covered a big umbrella, turned upside down with all my scarfs and then she took out all her stuffed toys and dolls carefully laying them down on the scarfs. I just loved the vision of the result!

IMG_1672 IMG_1670   IMG_1668

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