pink snow angels or how to ride the clouds


In a “the best day ever” kind of day you just dive right into it, forget yourself and basically just ride the clouds.  Here is how you get the feel of riding fluffy clouds in a sunny day in your small room – just really jump into the airy soft matter and fly-IMG_4293


All started with that old bottle of shaving cream we found forgotten in the bathroom.  As if all white puffy clouds lived in this tin.  Those you see outside the air plane window while flying  and get the deceiving feel of softness and comfort when you imagine slamming your body agains its fluffy mass.  Like the hurricanes on satellite pictures, as if they are simply round cloudy hammocks -part of the sky playground.  I’ll take a piece of that-




Sylvie was spraying and all these weird and beautiful shapes came out swirling around, creating a fantastic and magical landscape.        IMG_4269


We were both imagining what it would be like to be tiny little things  walking among these white mountains…It also smelled nice.   This place Sylvie called Antarctica.

Shaving cream is soft, delicate to touch and of course Antarctica have to be reorganized and built again by hand.

Animals came to live in caves and little penguins played in the snow.IMG_4278

Color is always good. Life is colorful, right?  Food color gets into the mix.

This time all body parts wanted to try it all and the mess was glorious!  In addition to everything else, this was a joyful feel for an urban kid to push the limits of its living environment, to have it all bigger; like the huge bucket of play-dough or ending  a playdate with a friend in a full bath tub with their cloths on… If only parents can disappear  once in a while…

As for me – looking at her happiness made my Sunday.  (Quickly after, I discovered that during our happy cream project, the water in our building has been stopped for the day -)



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