Ah, the places you can go…

Jurassic park from the green market

All kinds of stories could happen with dinosaurs among these thick trunks of tasty, freshly cut in our kitchen trees. This is a live exotic forest, made out of radish, pineapple, red beats’ stalks and leaves.  This place is perfect for vegi-eaters. The lavish vegetation and tall leafy trees, like in the Jurassic period  are a great playground for dinosaurs and their endless adventures. We cut the pineapple and the vegetables together (ah, the flavors and freshness are in the air) and put them on a flat surface with some water- the messier, the better, anyway.  Let the play begin!


IMG_3615 IMG_3614

 A tropical bird island or where all birds are happy and safe?


Sylvie created this island so all different kind of birds can nest, feed and enjoy. There is a pond where fish swim and flamingos and ibises slowly splash their long feet. There are big strange flowers for the hummingbirds and nesting spots where birds leave their eggs with no worries that someone would come and eat them. Some cacadou and parrots are making sand balls to carry around. Some of these balls are fruits. Sylvie made a TV for the birds to watch when they like- the notepad with a bird drawn on the paper. “So now let’s play” she says and we start pretending and figuring out stories and adventures on this island. A lot can happen on such a tropical island:)




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