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Here is my vegetable birthday cake and festivity table made out of lettuce, raspberries, yellow beans, carrots.  All was set up by Sylvie, while Mommy was asked to close her eyes, sit under the big table and wait till all is ready.  Needless to say, I was watching her between my fingers. I couldn’t miss how her small body moves back and forth while arranging the table, trying out things, making decisions.   

IMG_2532IMG_2528   On the table we have a lettuce wrapped bottle of wine, a bee-guest and a box of ice cream of course along with other necessary objects.  She set up a colorful scarf as a table cloth, the green cake has candles and the lettuce leaves…she used them as food, wrapping and decoration.  This lively green lettuce color was such a joy for the eye; fresh and cool the table was ready and I sat with my tireless hostess to eat the cake (mostly the raspberries).  While she was offering me this or that for my pretend birthday, I just thought how  out of any mind boxes this is. It is pure life – cute and clumsy, messy, full of character, emotions, healthy, fresh and loving:)

Thank you Sylvie for your rays of light. 

Spring 2014 


Have you tried drawing a fish using a rubber band?  Me neither.   Here is how a ripped rubber band became a tool for outlining flying clown fish. All you need is an imagination of a 5 -year -old and the creativity of the same little person to figure out ways to create with unusual objects, such as rubber bands.  It’s a material, from which my girl created little 3 dimensional people –  cutting the band on pieces with different length and scotch taping them.

But this time she just cuts with scissors the round rubber band once and manipulated both sides on a sheet of paper to get the shape she wanted.  The shape of a fish – the way she saw it.



A rainy day and a sunny day filled with bees and joy:)





Rain of Jelly Beans

a Ducky

a Ducky – Summer 2014


Springtime and caterpillars are becoming butterflies – collage and watercolors

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