Animals, I love you

A basket of eggs, incubator and a lamp brought by a farmer in the preschool became a lifetime memory for the little people in the class. The eggs hatched one by one and then these adorable chicks chirped around the classroom. Their baby like behavior was cute- they pooped often and were falling asleep in any quiet minute – like the one in Sylvie’s hands.

Love for animals

This chick fell asleep in her small hands-







Buzzing in the air while heavily carrying themselves like miniature helicopters around, big wasp like insects were sneaking inside the cracks of a wooden bench contraction in the park. They were visually intimidating but apparently not for Sylvie, who wanted to catch one and inspect it.  We found a dead one lying on the ground, picked it up and Sylvie was excited to touch and examine it thoroughly. At home we pinned it on her book shelf.



IMG_3162      IMG_3163             IMG_3124             IMG_3785[1]

IMG_0601  IMG_3161

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